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Simplistic is a responsive theme to jump-start your online business. It features a one-page layout on the home page and simplistic post design. The theme includes the powerful Layer X Slider that you can use any way you like, the parallax effect on sections and a contact form.

All sections can be easily modified via the default WordPress customizer. Just select the options you want and you are ready to go. In fact it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to get your website up and running.



Simple and Minimalist

To take advantage of this theme, you need to think of it as your initial business card. It should be simple, nice-looking, display the right information and get the job done. Any more clutter will only distract customers and confuse potential partners.

This is a clean, simple theme that accomplishes to get people interested in your product or design and ready to take action that you desire. With the included Action sections on the homepage, visitors will likely act in a positive manner and subscribe or purchase your product or service.

Responsive Theme

Simplistic is completely responsive and tested on various devices and browsers. You can see it on your iPhone or Samsung, view it via Safari or Chrome and it will look just as sophisticated as on your laptop or Mozilla Firefox.


To install Simplistic simply upload the zipped theme ( in your WP Admin Appearance Themes Add New area. The is inside the package you downloaded from Creative Market. Then activate the theme and you are ready to go.


With the default customizer that you can access in Appearance Customize, you will be able to change how the website looks and feels.

In General you can change the name of the website, which would be the logo of the website. Since it is a simple theme you can enter just text as a logo.

In Banner Front-page Banner General you can change the type of the banner. Choose Demo to get the initial demo slideshow, Slider for the Layer X Slider, or Banner for the static banner. If you select Banner as type, then you can also choose a background color or a parallax background here.

In Banner Banner Text you can enter text for the titles and button of the banner. This will only show up if Banner is selected in the Front-page Banner General section.

Subpage Banner is the header of any other page or post. Here you can select the demo image or add your own header image.

Homepage Sections

The Front-page Featured section comes up right below the banner/slider section on the homepage. This way you can change the three columns featured by selecting pages that you have previously created. Note that the image featured here will be the one selected as Featured image.

In the Front-page Action Row #1 and #2 you can select a parallax background for this row and the text inside it. Just enter title and text and the button for the row.

In the Front-page About section you can also enter the title, subtitle and description of the section. In widgets just drag and drop the “About content” or quote widgets and they will show up in this section. You can also include any other widget here as well.

Use the Front-page Team section to enter title, subtitle or background for your team section. To enter actual team members you will need to use the widgets.

The Front-page Social Media section allows you to change the title, subtitle and parallax background. Once again to add social media you will need to go in widgets.

Simplistic theme allows you to enter one testimonial on the homepage via the Front-page Testimonial section. Here you can enter the name of the testimonial and the actual quote and image of the person.

The Front-page News section allows you to enter the title, subtitle and parallax background of this section. You can also add widgets for your blog, which will show up here as well.

The Contact Us section is the last one on the homepage. Basically this is a form where customers can contact you and your team. You can change both the email that receives the form submissions and the mail from header from which the mail is sent.


In Blog Setting you can enter the blog sidebar position – left or right.

Site Identity is about changing the website title and slogan – something that describes your website and it’s good for SEO.


There are 4 widgets that come with this theme:

  • About Content Widget. Use this widget to enter text in the about content boxes of frontpage.
  • About Quote Widget. With this widget you can add a quote from someone by filling in the text and name fields.
  • Social Media Content Widget. With social media widget you can enter links to any social media page. For font awesome class just enter fa-{name of social media}. Example fa-facebook or fa-twitter.
  • Team Widget. Use this widget to create boxes of your team members.


Layer X Slider WordPress is a high quality image and content slider for WordPress, with super smooth animations. It supports touch navigation with pure swipe gesture that you have never experienced before.

It’s a truly responsive and device friendly slider which works perfect on all major devices.

Layer X Slider is an awesome layer slider, with the ability of adding any type of content in layers. Text, HTML, Image, Video, Buttons or Shapes. You can easily insert any of those via the extra simple to use, drag & drop Visual Editor. View all the advantages of this slider here –


We take excellent care of our customers and make sure that they successfully install, setup and use this theme.

You can use the comments section of this theme to post any comments that may be helpful for others to know as well.

Our Facebook page is available to assist you if you send us a message there, and you can always sends an email at [email protected]. Keep us motivated to deliver new features by liking our theme. Thank You!


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