How to create search filters

//How to create search filters

How to create search filters

Sortable Advanced Filter is a plugin that allows you to create an unlimited amount of filters for any post type you have or plan to create for your website or blog. It is addon to the Sortable plugin used to sort posts and web pages. Unlike most filter plugins, Sortable Advanced Filter is easy to install and use, letting you create search queries and filters  for any post on your website. It has a simple admin area where you create your post filters which are applied on your site immediately after saving the changes.

To acquire this amazing plugin for your website, you must first install the Sortable plugin responsible for sorting posts and pages. Sortable Advanced Filter is an addon to the Sortable plugin. You can purchase Sortable plugin through at website. Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you should be able to see it on the WordPress dashboard menu. Now you are ready to install the Sortable Advanced filter addon. You can get purchase the plugin at Install and activate the plugin. Click on the Sortable menu present on the dashboard, you should be able to see the filter addon. 

To create your first search filters and search queries with this plugin, click on the filters menu on the Sortable plugin present on the dashboard. You will be greeted with the Advanced Filters admin area. It is simple and contains features which are easy to comprehend. You will see to Tabs on the work area, the Filters tab and the Settings tab. By default, this window will open on the Filters tab, so there is no need to click on it again. To create your first search filter click on the Create New Filter button. It has a blue color which is easy to recognize. 

A pop-up window will appear with which you will create you new filter. The first field is the Order number. This needs to be a number that would order the position of the filter item in the filter sidebar, starting from 1 – 100. Unlike other plugins which only allow you to create few filters, Sortable Advanced Filter lets you create upto 100 filters for your posts. The next field is the Post type. This field lets you select the post type you need this filter for. It can be a post, pge, attachment, revision and many more options. The next field is the Filter name. This refers to the name that will appear as title for the filter item in the sidebar (example, Sizes, Price etc). The next field allows you to choose the type of filter you wish to apply. It can either be a checkbox, dropdown list or a slider. The next feature is the multi selection feature. You can either choose to allow multiselection or disable it and allow only single selection. After you are done setting everything up, click on the save button. 

With the settings tab, you are provided with a number of fields. The first one is the ACF integration which gives you a Yes or No option. This one is concerned with the position of filters on your web layout. The next field is the filters position. You can either align it on the Top sidebar or Left sidebar. The last field is concerned with the layout of the top sidebar in case it was selected in the Filters position field. You can either display the top sidebar as dropdown or as a horizontal list. After you are done with setting up everything, click on the save button. You are done with creating your first filter. 

All filters that you enter for a particular post type are available in the post edit page for that particular post type for you to select the value for that post. For example, if you create a Price filter you can set the price in a meta box appearing just below the post WYSIWYG editor. 

After you select your value, and select that filter on the front side it will show you that post as belonging to a particular filter value.

To update the Sortable Advanced Filter plugin, an email is sent to notify buyers of new versions or important bug fixes through CodeCanyon. You can also check the Change log on the CodeCanyon page to see the current version or important fixes of bugs updates. 

The Sortable Advanced Filter plugin is reliable and easy to use for creating filters for posts on your website and blogs. With the simple admin area, you can create upto 100 filters for your web page. This search forms and search queries are critical in helping and lure maintain visitors and users on your website. The higher the number of people who visit your site, the more traffic is generated and in turn a good SEO rating. 

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